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Have a fishing story to tell? Share your adventures with fellow anglers everywhere! To begin, have a look at our “submission tips.” Find helpful information on putting together a hipwader “Headline” article!

Exotic trip of a lifetime, or afternoon at your favorite local stream~they’re all welcome! At hipwader.com, we feel that adventure is where you make it. For most of us, success is not measured in sizes, or numbers of fish. We set our own goals, and work towards them. Tell us about yours today!



The best stories have a beginning, middle and end. Including some background on who you are, or why you chose to fish a certain place adds color to a story. Explaining your technique/approach (rods/leaders/flies/temperature/weather) also helps readers put the story in context. Described as a cerebral sport, fly fishing is often about the “thought processes.” A nuts&bolts “went here, did this” reads more like a document than a good fishing article. It does not have to be a long piece, but they’re welcome too!

Whenever possible, include photos in your article submission. Please edit them to an image size no larger than 500 pixels wide. While the “hero shots” are welcome, variety is the spice of life! Insect shots, landscapes…all help the reader to imagine what it might have been like to be there. We would prefer to see fish handled properly in the photos as well. Held close to the water, alive. For tips on proper fish handling and C&R technique (including photographing fish) click* HERE.
When writing your article, be mindful of the other users of the fisheries you plan to discuss. If they are vulnerable to over fishing, or if you’re not sure, ask. Photos should be chosen carefully for the same reason.

Articles submitted to hipwader will require approval by one of our moderators. To better your chances of getting your article posted fast, avoid the following; Links~fishing related or not, links that take the reader away from the article have no place in it. Promotion of a business, service or product, regardless of your affiliation (or lack of it) may be removed at the discretion of the moderator. If you feel such a “mention” is relevant to the story, please outline why in a short note at the beginning of your email.



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