HipWader’s Fly Tying Patterns~Fly Tying Step By Step Illustrations!

Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly
Time to re-stock the fly boxes? Interested in trying some new fly patterns? Look no further! In this section, you’ll find easy to follow tying instructions for dries, nymphs/emergers, streamers patterns…as well as some notes on the “where and when” to use them.
A new pattern is added monthly, so check back often!

CDC Parachute Midge Larva

Whenever I find myself in a discussion about “fancy-dress” salmon flies, super-realistic show piece flies and the like, I can’t help but think about tiers like Shane Stalcup. In case you’ve not heard of him, he is a commercial tier/material supplier who has expanded his business to include a number of books and videos. I […]

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Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly

As time goes by, I think I have more faith in the “fishing” than I do in the fly. That is to say, I’m having less faith in the “magic” pattern being the key to more fish, and more in how its used. Its not been an evolution really, I’ve always loved attractor-patterns and had […]

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Flash-back Pheasant Tail

With our trout season wrapping up in just a few days I thought I’d share one of my favorite nymph patterns. The good thing is that this pattern is equally at home in the trout AND steelhead box! Pheasant tails have long been top producers for countless fly fishers and this variation is one of […]

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The McKay Stonefly

I’m very pleased to have finally conviced Rob McKay to post this pattern on O’Reilly’s Tying Bench. Rob is a modest man who has a less than romantic approach to the delicate art of fly tying, Rob’s flies are usually based on two factors; First~what he is able to scrounge from the lint trap of […]

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Griffith’s Gnat Pattern

A fly that has always found a home in my fly box is the Griffith’s Gnat. Created by one of the founding fathers of Trout Unlimited (George Griffith) the pattern imitates tiny midges, midge emergers, midge clusters..even tiny mayflies. Its a simple pattern, but very effective.
This fly has saved the day for me more than […]

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