Fly Tying Streamer Fly Patterns

– Streamers are generally understood to be those that imitate some of the larger organisms that make up the diet of gamefish.
Streamer patterns most often imitate small fish/minnows/sculpins/darters, but are also tied to imitate everything from leeches, eels, small snakes to crayfish.

Tying Bass Flies

– Patterns that are tied to suit the behavior, habitat and sometimes unusual tastes of these moody, overgrown members of the sunfish family. Bass fly patterns can include poppers, streamers and nymphs, even dry flies and emergers.

Steelhead/Salmon Flies

– Fly patterns (usually nymphs, eggs or streamers) that are designed for a very specific application~migratory salmonids.
Fly Tying Streamers & Poppers Latest Article

Tying the Double Bunny Streamer

Until recently, I considered the Double Bunny streamer to be a pike fly. Not that it IS one of course, but the warm water fly box is exactly where you would find mine. That is until last summer....

Double Bunny Streamer

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Polar Fiber Streamer

I love fishing streamers, especially when conditions are right for them. A good streamer pattern, used properly, will tempt the biggest fish in the water you're fishing. The short list of patterns I use has recently be bumped for a new star~the Polar Fiber Streamer!

Fly Tying The Polar Fiber Streamer With Rob O'Reilly

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Eye Fly Pattern

While not typically delivered by a fly rod, flies are often very effective for ice fishing. Lots of jigs for perch and whitefish are created to give the appearance of various nymphs found on or near the bottom of lakes all year long. While the Eye Fly does not really imitate an aquatic […]

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Chernobyl Ant Pattern

During the January deep freeze, I find it easiest to daydream about muggy days spent bass fishing. I can’t think of bass fishing in warm water lakes without thinking of foam-bodied bugs. I’ve read that this fly is intended for trout fishing, but mine have always called the "bass" fly box home!
I’m […]

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Angora Bugger Fly Pattern

I might have never even tried tying with angora goat if I hadn’t been trying to find seal fur for a British nymph pattern. It was labeled "Seal Fur Substitute." Having never tied with seal fur, I thought this stuff was terrible. Long, slippery fibers that didn’t dub easily, too shiny, impossible […]

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