Fly Tying Nymph Patterns- Patterns designed to fished below the surface Usually imitating (but not limited to) the nymphal/larvae stage of aquatic insects like mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and midges.
Tying Emergers Patterns – Patterns designed to imitate insects in the process of “hatching” from water-breathing aquatic organisms, to air-breathing adults. Trout/game fish will often key in on insects in this vulnerable state of transition, making emerger patterns a valuable addition to your fly box!
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Dubbing Brush Nymph

For many anglers on this side of the Atlantic, Czech Nymphing is still a pretty foreign idea. While we may, or may not choose to employ this short line method of fishing heavy nymphs, there is no doubt that the effectiveness of this approach makes it worth a second look.
Dubbing Brush Nymph

Triple Wing Caddis Pattern

I have come to the conclusion that there are some caddis fly patterns that I just plain LIKE to use. Sometimes they catch fish, sometimes they don’t.
Triple Wing Caddis Step By Step Fly Patterns

Evil Weevil Nymph

Since 1998, this nymph pattern has been growing in popularity. The creation of Calgary tier Jeremy Davies, and it's variations have proven their worth on dozens of trout in my own home water, I urge you to give them a try!
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Western Stonefly Nymph

Tying The Stonefly Nymph~Western Pattern - Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly
When a new fly yields a beautiful fish, it tends to earn a special place in the hearts of fly least it does with me. With the real estate in my fly boxes being what it is though, it would need to earn its keep.

Parasol Emerger

For those who have been following O’Reilly’s Tying Bench for some time, you may remember a fly I posted called “The Dandelion Fly/Drymerger.” Essentially, its a small pupa pattern suspended below a “hookless” parachute. This pattern allows the fly to float just below the surface doing an excellent job of imitating an emerging insect. […]

CDC Parachute Midge Larva

Whenever I find myself in a discussion about “fancy-dress” salmon flies, super-realistic show piece flies and the like, I can’t help but think about tiers like Shane Stalcup. In case you’ve not heard of him, he is a commercial tier/material supplier who has expanded his business to include a number of books and videos. […]

Flash-back Pheasant Tail

With our trout season wrapping up in just a few days I thought I’d share one of my favorite nymph patterns. The good thing is that this pattern is equally at home in the trout AND steelhead box! Pheasant tails have long been top producers for countless fly fishers and this variation is one […]

The McKay Stonefly

I’m very pleased to have finally conviced Rob McKay to post this pattern on O’Reilly’s Tying Bench. Rob is a modest man who has a less than romantic approach to the delicate art of fly tying, Rob’s flies are usually based on two factors; First~what he is able to scrounge from the lint trap […]

Green Drake Emerger

I was fortunate to get some green drake education on my trip to Pennsylvania last year. Until then, i’d only really tuned-in when I saw the dramatic-looking coffin flies (green drake spinners) appear. As the most anticipated hatch of the year, they have the patterns to match them. The B&B I […]

Early Black Stonefly Nymph

A hatch that might seem almost irrelevant to anglers in Southern Ontario, Early Black Stoneflies are an important hatch to be aware of in the spring. Ever been out on a cold opening day of the season and wonder why your "secret weapon" nymph from last fall is not doing the
trick? […]

Caddis Emerger Fly Pattern

Its unusual for me to like a fly as much as I like this one, yet know essentially nothing about it…Its an emerger, and likely a caddis. I think I picked it up at the Orvis shop in Chicago about seven years ago, but i’m not sure. I sort of care…but I […]

Red Brassie Midge Pattern

Festive colors aside, i’ve seen this little beauty work wonders in places that surprised me….One late summer night on the Grand this past summer, I spoke with a chap who was working his way up stream behind me. I could hear what sounded like an American accent and asked him where he was […]

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Emergent Sparkle Pupa Pattern

If I have one fly tying/fishing "regret", it would have to be not trying these incredible patterns sooner. Three years ago (in the wake of a none-too productive outing to our local caddis factory~the Grand River) I told my wife that for Christmas that year, i’d like a copy of a book called […]

Green Drake Nymph Pattern

If there is a hatch more eagerly anticipated than the Green Drakes in Pennsylvania, I can’t imagine what it might be.
This bead-headed nymph pattern, tied locally for Penns creek, was the top pick for the high-water conditions of this past weekend.
I thought I might come back with stories of big browns rising to […]

Opening-Day Nymph

For trout fishers, there are few days so eagerly anticipated as the "opener." Most anglers have plans mapped-out months in advance, equipment prepared flies tied etc. For better or for worse, my openers have seldom unfolded as expected. There is one opening day that stands out above and beyond all the […]

CDC Biot Comparadun

This terrific fly improves upon a great fly by the substitution of a goose biot for the abdomen, and CDC for the wing. There are many theories as to why this fly is such a favorite among fly fishers. My personal belief is that it’s slender, low-riding profile (coupled with the very […]

Sparkle-Pheasant Tail Nymph

While the pheasant tail nymph requires little introduction, this variation may be new to many. The addition of a bead to the pheasant tail nymph has proven very effective to fly fishers the world over. This "Sparkle Pheasant Tail" nymph takes the attractive nature of the shiny bead to the next level. […]

Bunny Foot Emerger

Hello HipWaders! There are some flies i’ve considered keeping to myself, due in part to the "secret weapon" feelings anglers get when a pattern is so easy to tie and catches lots of fish. This pattern falls into that category. It has, on many occasions, been the difference between catching, and […]

Caddis larva Pattern

Can you pick up a stone in the rivers you fish and NOT find them in good quantity? In ALL the rivers I fish, there are a minimum of 3-4 on every rock, often a dozen or more. They very in species, size and color. The caddis larva I see the […]

Prince Nymph Pattern

In all but the slowest stretches of river, I keep Prince nymphs as the "go-to" patterns when there appears to be no surface activity.
While many of the patterns I use are natural, drab looking creations (I’ll cover a few of those in the future!), one pattern that looks like rows of Christmas tree […]

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