HipWader’s Fly Tying Patterns~Fly Tying Step By Step Illustrations!

Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly
Time to re-stock the fly boxes? Interested in trying some new fly patterns? Look no further! In this section, you’ll find easy to follow tying instructions for dries, nymphs/emergers, streamers patterns…as well as some notes on the “where and when” to use them.
A new pattern is added monthly, so check back often!

Dubbing Brush Nymph

For many anglers on this side of the Atlantic, Czech Nymphing is still a pretty foreign idea. While we may, or may not choose to employ this short line method of fishing heavy nymphs, there is no doubt that the effectiveness of this approach makes it worth a second look. We can, and […]

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Triple Wing Caddis Pattern

I have come to the conclusion that there are some caddis fly patterns that I just plain LIKE to use. Sometimes they catch fish, sometimes they don't.

Triple Wing Caddis Step By Step Fly Patterns

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Tying the Double Bunny Streamer

Until recently, I considered the Double Bunny streamer to be a pike fly. Not that it IS one of course, but the warm water fly box is exactly where you would find mine. That is until last summer....

Double Bunny Streamer

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Grand River Fly

If you fish the Grand River in Southern Ontario with any degree of regularity, chances are you've run up against some of it's big lock-jawed browns sipping caddis on, or near the surface.

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Evil Weevil Nymph

Since 1998, this nymph pattern has been growing in popularity. The creation of Calgary tier Jeremy Davies, and it's variations have proven their worth on dozens of trout in my own home water, I urge you to give them a try!

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