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Fly Tying Patterns

HipWader’s Fly Tying Patterns~Fly Tying Step By Step Illustrations!

Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly Time to re-stock the fly boxes? Interested in trying some new fly patterns? Look no further! In this section, you’ll find easy to follow tying instructions for dries, nymphs/emergers, streamers patterns…as well as some notes on the “where and when” to use them. A new pattern is added monthly, so check back often!

Tying Dry Flies Tying Nymphs/Emergers Tying Streamers/Poppers
Adams Dry Fly
Ant Fly Pattern
Blue Winged Olive
CDC Biot Comparadun
CDC Caddis Dry Fly
Crane Fly Pattern
Dandelion Fly Pattern
Fishy's Hopper Pattern
Grand River Caddis Pattern
Grand River Fly
Griffith's Gnat Pattern
Hendrickson Dry Fly Pattern
Herl-Bodied Dry Fly
Klinkhamer Dry Fly
Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly
Trico Dun & Spinner Pattern
Triple Wing Caddis Pattern
Bunny Foot Emerger
Caddis Emerger Fly Pattern
Caddis larva Pattern
CDC Biot Comparadun
CDC Parachute Midge Larva
Dubbing Brush Nymph
Early Black Stonefly Nymph
Emergent Sparkle Pupa Pattern
Evil Weevil Nymph
Flash-back Pheasant Tail
Green Drake Emerger
Green Drake Nymph Pattern
Opening-Day Nymph
Parasol Emerger
Prince Nymph Pattern
Red Brassie Midge Pattern
Sparkle-Pheasant Tail Nymph
The McKay Stonefly
Triple Wing Caddis Pattern
Western Stonefly Nymph
Angora Bugger Fly Pattern
Balsa Popper Pattern
Chernobyl Ant Pattern
Easy Egg Fly Pattern
Eye Fly Pattern
Fishy's Hopper Pattern
Polar Fiber Streamer
Tying the Double Bunny Streamer
Tying The Zonker Fly Pattern