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Catch And Release Angling

With the popularity of sport fishing so high in North America the demand on many of our river and lake systems can not be matched by the waters’ ability to reproduce fish. Many popular rivers today have been protected with Catch and Release (C&R) regulations as a means to maintain the quality of fishery; both […]

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Brook Trout & Lake Trout~Water Strider Inflatable

Fishing for brook trout in lakes, in the spring, is pretty new territory for me. Having the right equipment can be the difference between getting fish, and getting skunked! Finding, and getting to brook trout lakes in Ontario can be a challenge in itself. Having a light, stable, compact boat with […]

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Fly Fishing Nymphs – Deep Nymph

Getting into medium to large water nymph fly fishing might call for different tactics. Here are few ideas on how to get the nymph fly down fast using split shot….Rod, in my opinion, should be a 9′ 5 or 6 wt outfit.

Image shows a simple split shot setup. It works, but when your split […]

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Small Stream, Fast Water Nymphing

You found a good looking run…

Some might say a run this fast can’t hold the big browns and they’ll look for something slower. Don’t! These big guys are in here, and when they hit in this fast water, you better be ready! One quick turn down stream and he will be at your feet in […]

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Notes on Fishing for Migratory Species

By Peter Thomas (aka tyeflyer) October 2003

The purpose of this document is to help educate people new to the sport of fishing. If you are already an avid angler, and live close to the water you fish, this information may be of little help to you. If you travel hours to get to your […]

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