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Catch And Release Angling

With the popularity of sport fishing so high in North America the demand on many of our river and lake systems can not be matched by the waters’ ability to reproduce fish. Many popular rivers today have been protected with Catch and Release (C&R) regulations as a means to maintain the quality of fishery; […]

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Brook Trout & Lake Trout~Water Strider Inflatable

Fishing for brook trout in lakes, in the spring, is pretty new territory for me. Having the right equipment can be the difference between getting fish, and getting skunked! Finding, and getting to brook trout lakes in Ontario can be a challenge in itself. Having a light, stable, compact boat […]

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Deep Nymph

Getting into medium to large water nymph fly fishing might call for different tactics. Here are few ideas on how to get the nymph fly down fast using split shot….Rod, in my opinion, should be a 9′ 5 or 6 wt outfit.

Image shows a simple split shot setup. It works, but when your […]

Small Stream, Fast Water Nymphing

You found a good looking run…

Some might say a run this fast can’t hold the big browns and they’ll look for something slower. Don’t! These big guys are in here, and when they hit in this fast water, you better be ready! One quick turn down stream and he will be at your feet […]

Notes on Fishing for Migratory Species

By Peter Thomas (aka tyeflyer) October 2003

The purpose of this document is to help educate people new to the sport of fishing. If you are already an avid angler, and live close to the water you fish, this information may be of little help to you. If you travel hours to get to […]

Fly Fishing Instructions: Emphasis On Salmon/Rainbow

Fly fishing instructions (one man’s opinions or ramblings, take your pick)
With an emphasis on migratory trout/salmon
By Peter Thomas (aka Tyeflyer) September 2003

A number of people who were new to fly fishing posted “help wanted” messages on a number of boards. Because beginner levels vary, I took a catch all approach and […]

Casting the Surf For Steelhead

all the recent talk of Steelhead on the fly, got me thinkin…

what about, wadin and castin the surf for staging fish??

so made up my mind last night to try and get out first light this morn to a North Shore Trib and start tossin some fur n feather and see if my theory […]

Finding New Fishing Waters

Looking for new streams to fish? Searching for that new honey hole that isn’t getting pounded unmercifully every weekend? Maybe some of the methods I’ve used out west can help you get a fresh piece of water in your area.

Moving from Hamilton to Alberta 7 years ago was a great move for my career […]

Dragging A Dry Fly

Fished a UC trib today fish, were playful some fish rising. Headed over to the rail run where there were many insects in the air some 16-20 Mayflies in a brownish colour, some small stuff 22 and less amongst others. No fish to be seen at the rail run “which way did they go?” […]

A Panfish primer!

If trout are the damsels of the spring-fed steams, panfish can only be described as the BULLIES of the school yard! When I think back on past fly fishing adventures, it is with the same "glow" I think of both my lake fishing for panfish, AND my coldwater pursuit of trout. Don’t […]

Big Fish Love Little Nymphs

Don’t get me wrong…I love dry fly fishing. Seeing a trout rise and watching it take a perfectly presented Elk Hair Caddis or BWO is nothing short of exhilarating. But, to consistently catch more fish, and bigger fish, nothing beats nymphing.

What is Nymphing? Nymphs are the small crawling life forms that live on the […]

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Stalking Trout, FILSON style!

Well, you’ve made it to the river, now what?

Winter is here, and while its hard to hang up the fly rod, I don’t really mind that much. How can we, as anglers, use the snowy weather to help us catch more trout in the spring? Well, I tie some flies, read some books […]

Matching The Hatch

Good day fellow hipsters, the comments to follow are my own experiences and I dont claim to know it all. This is what has worked for myself over the years of chasing chrome.

In the fall during and after the salmon have finished their spawn the #1 producer for me has been single egg flies. […]

Small Stream Fly Fishing Techniques,

Green meadows,beaver dams,spruce forests, willow jungles,canyons,boulder strewn runs and fine gravel tailouts are just some of the features of small stream fishing in Alberta. Hopefully some of these techniques and tips I’ve used in fishing the east slopes can be added to your bag of tricks.

The one thing about fishing small streams is the […]