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Night Snookin’ in Sarasota!

Night Fly Fishing For Snook With Siestafred
So last night all the pieces came together and I got my first taste of night fly fishing for Snook in the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) that runs from Bradenton south past Sarasota down to Venice. I have of course fished the ICW during the days many times, but going for Snook at night is a different beast altogether.

Sarasota Seatrout

The wind stopped howling last Saturday long enough for my friend Ray and I to get out and do some flats fishing. Man, between the wind almost every day, cool temps, and a lot of ‘red tide’ this year, the fishing has been less than stellar here. Oh sure, there have been some great […]

Florida: Dolphins & Seatrout

As I said in my last post, I went out today with friend Ray on another Chamber of Commerce day here in sunny/warm Florida. Ray had not been out for a month or so due to going back to Buffalo for the holiday and to a recent death in the family, so he was […]

Florida: Redfish Delight!

I know y’all are out chasing the elusive brookies and brownies in some of my fav small streams and rivers in S. Ontario, but I’m still ‘fighting’ the heat and humidity down here in the Sunshine State. So there may not be much interest in my day on the ‘saltwater’, but here goes anyway.
Went […]

Florida: Bruiser Redfish!

Ok, sports fans. This was one of those ESPN moments in fly fishing that you see on TV. A fantastic Florida Redfish caught yesterday by my buddy Ray on a #6 Olive over White Clouser Minnow fly in about one foot of water. Well, Ray, who’s been fly fishing for like 40 years and […]

Florida: A Lesson in Saltwater Flats Fishing

Went out today even though the wind was up pretty good and we were unsure whether the fish would be biting after we had a big cold front go through last night. We went up to Anna Maria Island, near Bradenton, an area we’ve never fished before. It was so windy we had to […]

Florida Ties….the Clouser Minnow

Today is rainy and windy in the Sunshine State, and because I’ve been tying up a few flies for a possible outing tomorrow (weather permitting) I thought I’d share some pics of how I’ve evolved my tying of this well-known fly created by Bob Clouser.

This fly is basically the go-to fly for many saltwater […]

Penns Creek Fly Fishing, Coburn PA

Well, just back from my first trip to Pennsylvania. Lets just say that river lives up to at least two aspects of it’s reputation…….First….bugs…and I mean LOTS of bugs. I’d heard Penns described as an insect "factory" due to the high quality of the water flowing over limestone for miles. Amen. […]