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Fly fishing the Canadian Rockies & Bow River, Alberta

Well, its been almost 2 weeks since my WestJet flight back to Toronto touched down. Calgary was a cool 11C when I left, Toronto delivered its 32C, 100% humidity promise. Its hard enough to leave Calgary because of the fishing....the weather here had me wondering why I didn't misplace my boarding pass.
Fly Fishing The Bow River In Alberta

It’s Not About The Fish?

Saturday's steelie outing with Mikefishestoomuch and his fishing buddy Papa Joe was the most adventurous day I have had in years! The weather was overcast and a little chilly, the wind was cool, and the water was awesome!

Steelead fly fishing

Spring Fishing on the Bow River

After a few jumps and runs I started getting a little concerned - depending on the hook placement and which fly the fish had there was the risk of popping the hook.
Fly Fishing The Bow River In Alberta

Dry Fly Alberta Grayling

Early in the afternoon a group of us ditched the Bow river for some stillwater action in the mountains. The previous day had high winds - we were happy to see this had calmed down by the early morning.

BWO’s on the Bow River

The past few days on the Bow River have been fairly productive; steady blue-winged olive activity has brought a new level of surface action in the Brown and Rainbow Trout.
Bow River Fly Fishing

Night Snookin’ in Sarasota!

Night Fly Fishing For Snook With Siestafred
So last night all the pieces came together and I got my first taste of night fly fishing for Snook in the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) that runs from Bradenton south past Sarasota down to Venice. I have of course fished the ICW during the days many times, but going for Snook at night is a different beast altogether.

Fernie BC Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing BC Canada
Sam and I, along with our wives, snuck away for a long weekend in Fernie BC. This was the first Thanksgiving we’ve all spent away from our families and we wanted to do something special.

Bow River Alberta

After yesterday’s Bow river fly fishing (Canada) outing I was eager to head out to fly fish the Bow river again. I was somewhat shocked by the amount the water level had lowered and the clarity. Water was over two feet in visibility today and had dropped by about a foot. That was […]

Dirty Water, Hungry Fish

With no fishing plans for the day I decided to go out and scout locations to fish along the Bow. That way once the water improved enough I wouldn’t waste any time touring. On the off-chance I brought my gear; wouldn’t want to see fish rising and not have a rod nearby.It was a […]

Alberta – Crowsnest Fly Fishing

After fly fishing lakes for a while now I finally got the itch to do some river fly fishing. The Crowsnest area has improved faster than the Bow here in Calgary so I decided to make the trip down and fish there.My first stop in the area was at the Crowsnest Angler - the local fly fishing shop to pick up appropriate patterns and get some suggestions on areas to try.

Alberta Canada – Peppers Lake

With the rivers in central and northern Alberta still reeling from our wet June I packed my floating easy chair and made the trek to Peppers Lake on the Forestry Trunk Road.Peppers is located about 1hour west of Rocky Mountain House. The lake is managed as a put and take fishery and is stocked […]

Muir Lake- Alberta

During a weekend of intermitent showers and thunder strorms I managed to sample a developing rainbow trout fishery.

Located about 15 minutes from Edmonton this small, weedy pothole lake was subject to frequent winter kills wiping out any stockings. Over the last couple of years aerators have been placed in several of these winter kill […]

K-Country Alberta Rocks

With the flooding in the Calgary area I decided to stay away from the Bow on my first Alberta fishing adventure. Not about to let that get in the way I headed out a few hours from Calgary in hunt for some rainbows. I had heard of some stocked lakes – figured it should […]

Ontario Gar Pike

Wading the flats…sight casting to aggressive gar pike with bad attitudes…sound like Ontario fly fishing? It is! I was finally able to connect with Nick for a day of Gar Pike fly fishing in eastern Ontario that won’t soon be forgotten!…..With conditions that Nick thought might be ideal, we set out to […]

Algonquin Brook Trout

For years I’ve been wanting to fly fish for brook trout in some of Algonquin Park’s (Canada) beautiful lakes. This past weekend, I got a taste of both the effort AND reward of just such an adventure……My geometry might best be described as being not too “canoe-friendly.” In other words, there would be little […]

Fish Still Bite When The Weather Is Not So Grand

I made it out to the Grand River for my second time this season. Today I met up with Coldreive and Comparadun for some Brown action…We started out on the water close to noon since it was quite cold earlier in the morning. Upon arriving riverside we saw a multitude of sparrows hunting the […]

Sarasota Seatrout

The wind stopped howling last Saturday long enough for my friend Ray and I to get out and do some flats fishing. Man, between the wind almost every day, cool temps, and a lot of ‘red tide’ this year, the fishing has been less than stellar here. Oh sure, there have been some great […]

Florida: Dolphins & Seatrout

As I said in my last post, I went out today with friend Ray on another Chamber of Commerce day here in sunny/warm Florida. Ray had not been out for a month or so due to going back to Buffalo for the holiday and to a recent death in the family, so he was […]

Sunday Morning Trico’s

I went out for a few hours this morning to visit Grand and see what’s up. With the cold air there was a lot of fog which created some neat scenes…

I was hoping to catch some Trico action this morning and I was not disappointed. Early on there were fish sipping emerging insects. There […]

Georgian Bay Trib: Trout’s Revenge

It had to happen, I suppose. The trout got their revenge today.
I had a bit of cabin fever, so I decided to make one more trip up to one of the Georgian Bay tribs I fish before heading off to the sunny south. As most of you know, there are a few rivers still […]

Credit River

Up bright and early this morning to meet Rob McKay for a little Credit river fishing. We were looking for some nice Credit brown trout eager to fatten-up for the long winter….
It had been a while since i’d been up early enough to see the sun rising on my way out to go […]

Credit River~Looking For Isonychia!

After seeing lots of evidence of these last weekend, I set out to looking for them yesterday afternoon…Well, there were lots of active nymphs around, but very few adults. I was planning to fish dries if conditions were right, but it wasn’t meant to be. Being "swimmers", the isonychia share their habitat […]

Haliburton Smallmouth

As with many long weekends I headed up to the family cottage and spent some time out smallmouth fly fishing in Haliburton… I’ve noticed that having a Fiance has seriously cut into my fishing time on weekends… So I suggested to her this weekend we should spend some quality time together – in the […]

North Raven River (Stauffer Creek)

Central Alberta had some major weather fronts blow through yesterday. Between the thunder and lightning I managed a quick side trip to Stauffer during a visit to friends in RedDeer.Stauffer is a beautiful spring creek situated in Central Alberta’s farm country that will challenge your skills as a flyfisherman (and at times your sanity […]

The Grand River Ontario

I took a much needed fly fishing break from work and headed out to the Grand river for all of Wednesday.Finally we had a nice hot day and I was hoping that would transfer into a big-bug day (numbers-wise). While the large numbers I hoped for didn’t appear, there were still enough to steadily […]

Nice Day On The Grand River – Canada

The weather was great today so I decided to go out to the Grand River for the afternoon/evening at the last minute…After about 30 minutes out on the water I noticed Rob O’Reilly out of the blue. We were fishing an upper section of the river and seemed to have it -almost- all to […]

SLT Re-Union On The Grand River

All 4 pieces of my SLT were reunited this week – they were itching for action. I met up with my buddy Sam(a person) along with Comparadun for some action on the Grand river.

Sam and Comparadun working a run

The forecast suggested it might be cooler, and that it might be a little windy. Both […]

Northern Alberta Rivers Daytrip

The wife and myself took advantage of a beautiful fore cast and ventured west for a little river adventure.(warning- large pics.)From Edmonton we headed west to Edson and then south west to the Embarras river. The water here was high and dirty from the spring runoff. It may be a couple of weeks before […]

Grand River Fly Fishing Ontario

Today was a great day to be out on the Grand river – everything was provided: sun, bugs, big fish!,I’m completely exhausted after today. I made it out to the river at an upper section by just after 6. My plan was simple – start out fly fishing streamers, then as soon as there […]

Friday Night Upper Credit River

Mosquitos and Coffin Flies everwhere!!! Those are the highlights for me on the credit river tonight. Fridays always take a long time to pass by – sitting at work its hard to concentrate on much else except the time when I can get up and take off to the river. Tonight saw beautiful clear […]

Evening On The Upper Credit River Canada

I was out to the UC again last night (Sat) with Rob O’Reilly. The action played out pretty much the same as last night with the sulphurs coming off in good numbers and the browns coming up for them in turn.
The stretch we fished had very complicated currents so getting a drag free drift […]

Big Credit River Brown Trout

Hit the Credit river this afternoon for a little fishing. While I was trying to feed the fish something that looked real, I was having more luck feeding the mosquitoes a nice, rich meal of O’Reilly. That was until….. This guy showed up!

Truth is, the fishing was pretty good […]

Florida: Redfish Delight!

I know y’all are out chasing the elusive brookies and brownies in some of my fav small streams and rivers in S. Ontario, but I’m still ‘fighting’ the heat and humidity down here in the Sunshine State. So there may not be much interest in my day on the ‘saltwater’, but here goes anyway.
Went […]

Florida: Bruiser Redfish!

Ok, sports fans. This was one of those ESPN moments in fly fishing that you see on TV. A fantastic Florida Redfish caught yesterday by my buddy Ray on a #6 Olive over White Clouser Minnow fly in about one foot of water. Well, Ray, who’s been fly fishing for like 40 years and […]

Florida: A Lesson in Saltwater Flats Fishing

Went out today even though the wind was up pretty good and we were unsure whether the fish would be biting after we had a big cold front go through last night. We went up to Anna Maria Island, near Bradenton, an area we’ve never fished before. It was so windy we had to […]

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Florida Ties….the Clouser Minnow

Today is rainy and windy in the Sunshine State, and because I’ve been tying up a few flies for a possible outing tomorrow (weather permitting) I thought I’d share some pics of how I’ve evolved my tying of this well-known fly created by Bob Clouser.

This fly is basically the go-to fly for many saltwater […]

PEI Trout

Well, after a little bit of work, I finally got my vacation time approved for last week. So I packed up my gear and made the quick (16.5hr) drive over to PEI. It would have been longer if I had stopped to fish half of the waters that I was tempted by on the […]

PEI Trout

Well, after a little bit of work, I finally got my vacation time approved for last week. So I packed up my gear and made the quick (16.5hr) drive over to PEI. It would have been longer if I had stopped to fish half of the waters that I was tempted by on the […]

Elk River B.C./ Sportfishing Museum

Just returned from two weeks in Heaven!
I traveled to Vancouver, where on Granville Island there is a little jewel by the name of The Canadian Sportfishing Museum. Privately funded and run by John Keith-King. You could not find a more detailed collection of gear new and old. The largest collection of Hardy reels […]

Penns Creek Fly Fishing, Coburn PA

Well, just back from my first trip to Pennsylvania. Lets just say that river lives up to at least two aspects of it’s reputation…….First….bugs…and I mean LOTS of bugs. I’d heard Penns described as an insect "factory" due to the high quality of the water flowing over limestone for miles. Amen. […]