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    St.Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod Review

    O'Reilly reviews the St.Croix Legend Elite fly rod with the help of some gar pike!

    St.Croix Fly Rod Review

    By |January 19th, 2006|Fly Rod Reviews|0 Comments

    Megoff 23VR Fly Reel Review

    also it should be said that good tackle of any sort is not only its own reward but is absolutely essential if you would have the best of the sport. from:The Fine Art of Fishing by Samuel G.Camp

    While Samuel G.Camp wasnt referring to fly reels, that statement holds true today.
    With the selection of fly […]

    By |July 16th, 2005|Fly Reel Reviews|0 Comments

    Loop Green Line Fly Rod & Evotec Review

    Loop continues to make their CLW fly reel and is rumored to have their own line of fly reels in development.

    I find it interesting to read rod reviews that claim that a rod “speaks” to the angler. I’d say that’s true sometimes. After stringing up the Loop Green line rod and fishing with it, I […]

    By |April 18th, 2005|Fly Rod Reviews|0 Comments

    H30 Tsunami Sport Glasses Review

    As a youth I spent most of my summers fishing for smallmouth bass in rock-strewn shallow water flats. Some of my favourite moments were from those times when there wasn’t a breeze in the air and the sun was high allowing an angler such as me the chance to get a look at what was […]

    By |March 14th, 2005|Fly Fishing Equipment & Gear Reviews|0 Comments

    Damon Pro-Staff Fly Rod Review

    After trying, without success, to pry O’Reilly’s test Damon Raquette from his hand, I am sure I hear Mr. O mutter "from my cold dead hands!" As I stood in the background jumping up and down screaming "my turn my turn!!"

    It was my turn to check out a Damon fly rod. Not only was […]

    By |January 2nd, 2005|Fly Rod Reviews|0 Comments