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    Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

    Danielsson Flyreels of Sweden is pleased to announce the introduction of their new "Pro-Staff" program! If you are a fly fishing guide, casting instructor, lodge owner or industry professional~we want to hear from you!

    Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

    By |April 21st, 2008|Fly Fishing Equipment & Gear Reviews, Fly Reel Reviews|Comments Off on Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

    Danielsson Control Fly Reels

    Fear not, for there is a new member of the Danielsson fly reel family that has you covered~the Danielsson Control! This revolutionary fly reel features Danielsson's highly acclaimed, reliable, waterproof disc drag system at it's core..but thats where the similarities with it's brethren end. What sets this reel apart from the other big reels in Danielsson's line up...

    Danielsson Control Fly Reels

    By |July 20th, 2007|Fly Reel Reviews|0 Comments

    Hatch Fly Reel Review

    The first time I laid hands on a Hatch Reel, I was impressed with the heft of the thing. Dainty~no. Delicate looking~no. The reel has a real business-like, industrial look to it that really does inspire confidence.

    A look at the Hatch fly reel

    By |June 5th, 2007|Fly Reel Reviews|0 Comments

    Dormisch-Absi R2 Fly Reel Review

    Its interesting to listen to the debates surrounding the role of the fly reel. The issue of function vs. value ranks right up there, as does the opinion that (aside from saltwater fishing) a reel exists to simply hold your fly line.

    The Dormisch-Absi R2 fly reel review

    By |December 31st, 2006|Fly Reel Reviews|Comments Off on Dormisch-Absi R2 Fly Reel Review

    Water Strider Inflatable Kick Boat Review

    “Don't worry, this Inflatable Fishing Boat will hold you.” The confidence in his voice got me thinking~a boat without a rigid seat...massive load capacity of 515lbs...? It sounded like Dave Inks had either created one amazing inflatable fly fishing boat...or he didn't have both of HIS oars in the water!

    Water Strider KickBoat Review

    By |April 10th, 2006|Fly Fishing Equipment & Gear Reviews|0 Comments