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Danielsson Reels – Now Available to Buy Directly!

Danielsson Reels has started to provide direct to consumer sales. This really makes finding a high end reel like the Danielsson’s in stock simple and keeps the costs of the reels lower than if sold via retail outlets. Danielsson Reels is the originator of the large arbor fly fishing reel and is still the standard […]

Fly Fishing and Travel Equipment Review Series – Reels

Caddis on a reelFly reels are an interesting item. There are a lot of different opinions on how important a reel is. Some would say it just holds line so anything will do. Looking back, I started with a click and pawl Daiwa reel and managed to catch fish. I still own the reel but can't imagine a circumstance where I'd actually use it. Suffice to say, I think the reel is a lot more important. If you're dealing with fish that are large enough that you're playing them on the reel then without a doubt the function of the reel is critical.

BIG news from Danielsson Fly Reels!

New for December 2008, Danielsson Fly Reels present 3 new models that will replace the current FW, LW and HD models in their lineup. Aesthetically, the reels will borrow heavily from the design of the very popular LW model, but the big change is in the design of the drag system. BIG news from Danielsson Fly Reels!

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Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

Danielsson Flyreels of Sweden is pleased to announce the introduction of their new "Pro-Staff" program! If you are a fly fishing guide, casting instructor, lodge owner or industry professional~we want to hear from you!

Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

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Danielsson Control Fly Reels

Fear not, for there is a new member of the Danielsson fly reel family that has you covered~the Danielsson Control! This revolutionary fly reel features Danielsson's highly acclaimed, reliable, waterproof disc drag system at it's core..but thats where the similarities with it's brethren end. What sets this reel apart from the other big reels in Danielsson's line up...

Danielsson Control Fly Reels

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