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    Brand New Site!

    Just a quick little write-up to let you know that things are changing around here and mostly for the better. Migrated the site and forums to a completely new setup and still getting things sorted out. If you’ve made it to the site and can’t find what you’re looking for (but know it should […]

    Fly Fishing and Travel Equipment Review Series – Reels

    Caddis on a reelFly reels are an interesting item. There are a lot of different opinions on how important a reel is. Some would say it just holds line so anything will do. Looking back, I started with a click and pawl Daiwa reel and managed to catch fish. I still own the reel but can’t imagine a circumstance where I’d actually use it. Suffice to say, I think the reel is a lot more important. If you’re dealing with fish that are large enough that you’re playing them on the reel then without a doubt the function of the reel is critical.

    BIG news from Danielsson Fly Reels!

    New for December 2008, Danielsson Fly Reels present 3 new models that will replace the current FW, LW and HD models in their lineup. Aesthetically, the reels will borrow heavily from the design of the very popular LW model, but the big change is in the design of the drag system. BIG news from Danielsson Fly Reels!

    Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

    Danielsson Flyreels of Sweden is pleased to announce the introduction of their new "Pro-Staff" program! If you are a fly fishing guide, casting instructor, lodge owner or industry professional~we want to hear from you!
    Danielsson Fly Reels Pro-Staff Program

    Danielsson Control Fly Reels

    Fear not, for there is a new member of the Danielsson fly reel family that has you covered~the Danielsson Control! This revolutionary fly reel features Danielsson's highly acclaimed, reliable, waterproof disc drag system at it's core..but thats where the similarities with it's brethren end. What sets this reel apart from the other big reels in Danielsson's line up...
    Danielsson Control Fly Reels

    Hatch Fly Reel Review

    The first time I laid hands on a Hatch Reel, I was impressed with the heft of the thing. Dainty~no. Delicate looking~no. The reel has a real business-like, industrial look to it that really does inspire confidence.
    A look at the Hatch fly reel

    Dormisch-Absi R2 Fly Reel Review

    Its interesting to listen to the debates surrounding the role of the fly reel. The issue of function vs. value ranks right up there, as does the opinion that (aside from saltwater fishing) a reel exists to simply hold your fly line.
    The Dormisch-Absi R2 fly reel review
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    Water Strider Inflatable Kick Boat Review

    “Don’t worry, this Inflatable Fishing Boat will hold you.” The confidence in his voice got me thinking~a boat without a rigid seat...massive load capacity of 515lbs...? It sounded like Dave Inks had either created one amazing inflatable fly fishing boat...or he didn’t have both of HIS oars in the water!
    Water Strider KickBoat Review

    St.Croix Legend Elite Fly Rod Review

    O'Reilly reviews the St.Croix Legend Elite fly rod with the help of some gar pike!
    St.Croix Fly Rod Review

    Megoff 23VR Fly Reel Review

    also it should be said that good tackle of any sort is not only its own reward but is absolutely essential if you would have the best of the sport. from:The Fine Art of Fishing by Samuel G.Camp

    While Samuel G.Camp wasnt referring to fly reels, that statement holds true today.
    With the selection of […]

    Loop Green Line Fly Rod & Evotec Review

    Loop continues to make their CLW fly reel and is rumored to have their own line of fly reels in development.

    I find it interesting to read rod reviews that claim that a rod “speaks” to the angler. I’d say that’s true sometimes. After stringing up the Loop Green line rod and fishing with it, […]

    H30 Tsunami Sport Glasses Review

    As a youth I spent most of my summers fishing for smallmouth bass in rock-strewn shallow water flats. Some of my favourite moments were from those times when there wasn’t a breeze in the air and the sun was high allowing an angler such as me the chance to get a look at what […]

    Damon Pro-Staff Fly Rod Review

    After trying, without success, to pry O’Reilly’s test Damon Raquette from his hand, I am sure I hear Mr. O mutter "from my cold dead hands!" As I stood in the background jumping up and down screaming "my turn my turn!!"

    It was my turn to check out a Damon fly rod. Not only […]

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    Peak Rotary Vise Review

    As well-weathered consumers, we learn to be cautiously optimistic. This is especially true when the first time we see a product is when the UPS guy shows up. Well, imagine my surprise when my vise from Peak Engineering and Automation arrived! This vise truly is a great example of quality materials […]

    Griffin’s Montana Mongoose Vise

    Griffin Enterprises has recently introduced what they consider to be their best vise, the Montana Mongoose. A full rotary vise, and a real departure from the rest of their line.
    Construction and material choices all seem to make good sense with this vise. A 3-1/2 lb. powder-coated steel […]

    William Joseph Emerger Pack Review

    Around US$98

    If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fish with a better alternative to the heavily loaded down vest, then WJ has the answer in it’s Emerger “bum pack”. This is a pretty unique piece of gear, and it lives up to all the good things that WJ claims for […]

    Hollander P-50 Fly Reel Review

    Hollander sent over the P50 serial # 017 with the large arbor spool, and one traditional spool. Sized for 5, 6 and 7 wt. lines.

    For the full size image, click here.
    Thanks to Dan Jackson (DanJ) for that great shot of the reel!

    This reel is a shining example of master craftsmanship. Top of the line […]

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    Dan Bailey Hip Wader and Wading Boot Review

    Dan Bailey Hipwaders.
    For the past few years I’ve made a point of wearing breathable hipwaders whenever possible. In fact, I’ve been able to convince a few of my fishing buddies to do the same. No, these are not the rubber/canvas jobs with molded boots that offer nothing in the way of arch support, these […]

    J.Roland 7’6″ Fly Rod Review

    J.Roland Rods 7’6″ 3/4 wt. Little Bushkill
    Appropriately named the Little Bushkill, it is a perfect small stream rod with enough backbone to handle the unexpected brutes you hope to run into.

    I thought this would be a great rod setup for the Credit and the like. I was right. Handling the dries with pinpoint accuracy […]

    Green River Enso Fly Rod Review

    Green River Enso 8′ 2wt. 2pc. Rod
    In Japan "Enso" is the classic symbol for that unique and profound experience of the connectedness between all things in the natural world.

    Green River Enso 8′ 2wt. 2pc.

    The fly rod business is flooded with a dizzying array of high-tech materials […]

    Lamson Litespeed Reel Review

    Lamson Litespeed 1 Large Arbor Fly Reel Review
    The innovative designers at The Waterworks have obviously applied significant effort into the superior design and simplicity of this superb Large Arbor Reel. A traditional style frame has facilitated the use of 6061 Grade Aluminum for the body instead of Titanium and the well-placed “Portal’s” not […]

    W.W. Grigg Fly Rod Review

    W.W. Grigg 4/5 wt. 4 pc. Rod Review
    When Rob asked me to try out a 4 piece 5/6 weight W.W. Grigg I was pumped. The rod was tested out Alberta style and it did not disappoint. The 9′ IM 6 graphite Grigg is advertised as a 5/6 weight but it fishes more like […]

    Wind River Stillwater Vest Review

    Wind River Stillwater Vest Review
    Unlike many fly fishing enthusiasts I see on the water these days I’ve never felt the need to bring my entire closet along with me. So when I look for systems to carry my gear I look for products that seem to carry what I need (i.e. not want) and […]

    Vermont Fly Box Review

    The Vermont Fly Box Company Review
    If I were to say that the appeal of fly fishing had nothing to do with it’s aesthetics, I’d be stretching the truth quite a bit. Watching the sun rise, the thrill of seeing trout sipping mayflies, laying out a nice soft cast on a small stream, the […]

    Okuma Integrity LA 8/9 Reel Review

    Okuma Integrity LA 8/9 Fly Reel
    Ok I admit it… I’m a Tech Head. usually I gotta have the latest gear, whether it’s rods, reel, or add ons, and usually it’s the more expensive stuff

    Dun Rates it : 4-1/2 out of 5

    Description: Model Integrity LA 8/9
    Colour: Black
    Line Weight: WF8F 130 yrds #20
    On the Eyes: […]

    Vosseler Pro-Flyfishing DC4 Series Reel Review

    Vosseler Pro-Flyfishing DC4 Series Fly Reel Review
    Here we go,

    Vosseler fly reels
    Description: Model DC4
    Colour: Titanium
    Line Weight: WF 7/8 +100 (Standard Spool WF 8/10 + 50m.) 179gr.
    On The Eye’s: Very Easy!

    I showed this Vosseler reel off a bit, everyone said the same thing, "Beauty!" Followed shortly by, "Where did you get that?!" I have to agree, […]

    St. Croix Legend Ultra Review

    St. Croix 7’9″ Legend Ultra 3 wt.
    Looking for a top of the line rod, perfect for small rivers & streams, light dry fly presentations, at a great price? Look no further!
    St. Croix nailed it here.

    After playing around with 9′ 4 and 5wts on the Grand, then switching to the St. Croix 7′ 9" Legend […]

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    William Joseph Coastal Review

    William Joseph Coastal Vest Review
    Like many fly fishers, I consider a vest to be one of the most important pcs. of equipment you take with you to the river. In the years before I believed this, I thought discomfort was just part of the game. In the Coastal, William Joseph has eclipsed […]

    Islander LX 3.8 Reel Review

    Islander LX 3.8 Fly Reel review
    If one were to announce that the Islander LX 3.8 is a great reel for big game, it would have a redundant air to it….like telling the world that a Porsche is a great sports car. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to fish one of these Canadian […]

    Abel Super 2 Fly Reel Review

    Abel Super 2 Fly Reel
    In a market flooded with less-expensive options, the Abel Super 2 answers the question; "How good can a fly reel possibly be?"
    Built without compromise, Abel reels have established themselves as a premium reel maker. Their mission statement sums it up; "to design and build the best, most dependable […]

    By |February 16th, 2004|Fly Reel Reviews|0 Comments|

    Damon Raquette Fly Rod Review

    A year ago, I might have told you that the best rod for trout fishing was a 9’ 3wt.~at least here in southern Ontario. That opinion would have been based upon what is still my love of very light fly rods. Catching trout (big or small) on light tackle, coupled with the challenges of […]

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    Harris Solitude II Review

    Harris Solitude II Fly Reel Review

    They say it’s the guides choice. I now know why.
    This is a tank of a reel, bulletproof. I mean that in a good way. This is a solid piece of equipment that will see the user breakdown long before it will.
    I had the pleasure of using the Solitude II […]

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    Sage TCR Fly Rod Review

    Sage TCR Review (Technical Casting Rod) 4 pc 5wt
    It took me a few days to get used to it, ok, maybe a week.
    Sage TCR FLy Rod
    I did let several others try a few swings and everyone who tested it said the same thing, "Wow! I have never felt anything like this before."

    If you […]

    By |November 19th, 2003|Fly Rod Reviews|0 Comments|

    Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line

    Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line Review
    Freshwater TT3F

    I believe that the more time you spend with your fly fishing equipment, the more you get a feel for it’s strengths and weaknesses.. It is how we decide what stays, and what gets replaced as soon as possible! During the time I’ve been […]

    H2optixs Review

    H2optixs Glasses Review
    I had heard from fellow fisherman that I needed to ditch my $10 shades and invest in a pair of polarized glasses. Most commented that they added to the experience of seeing the strike, dealing with mid-day and late evening glare on the river and may just save me from a […]

    Loop Midge Fly Reel & Grey Line Rod Review

    Loop Traditional “Midge” Fly Reel & Loop Grey Line Fly rRod 9′ 3pc. 3wt. Review
    …….mine eyes have seen the glory!

    There is nothing you can teach the folks at Loop tackle about the advantages of a large arbor (LA) reel, or about building reels at all. If you’ve never seen […]

    Lamiglas Esprit Concept Review

    The Lamiglas Esprit Concept Fly Rod Review
    The workmanship and quality in every detail impress me every time I take this beauty out of the case. It’s a pleasure to hold in your hand, so light yet with incredible strength and power even beyond what you would expect in a rod of this quality.
    I […]

    Thomas&Thomas LPS Fly Rod Review

    Thomas&Thomas LPS 7′ 6″ 3wt. Review
    When considering the features that make a rod nice to fish with, one is left with lots of questions. Rod choice in ALMOST entirely subjective. By almost I mean that the poorest rods will seem that way to pretty much everyone. There are then, traits that make a good […]