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Alberta – BC Fly Fishing Canada

Alberta - BC Fly Fishing During the countless conversations DanJ and I had leading up to my recent BC fly fishing & Alberta fly fishing trip west, I made it abundantly clear that I was keen on having a "western fishing experience." Browns and rainbows are nice, but I can catch those things at home. Cutthroat trout, bull trout, Cutt-bows....GRAYLING~that's what I'm after!

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Kootenay Adventures Alberta

Did my annual trip to BC/Alberta early last August and it was nothing short of fantastic. Sorry for the late posting but better late than never. Our aim was to fish the Lower Bow for a few days and then head south and west from Calgary and fish the Kootenay region for some […]

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Prince Rupert/Coastal B.C. Fly Fishing

I’m beginning to appreciate that fly fishing trips rarely turn out quite as expected. So I’m learning to keep an open mind, and just go ahead and enjoy what the fishing Gods and Mother Nature serve up. After all, if a trip were to be entirely predictable, what would be the point of going?
So it […]

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The Hallowed Headwaters of the Humber River

The Humber River is one of four rivers beginning in the Headwaters country north-west of the city of Toronto. Along with the Credit, the Grand, and the Nottawasaga, the Humber River begins in Mono Township east of Orangeville; it then winds its way through the hills of Caledon, eventually flowing into Lake Ontario in Toronto…..

It […]

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