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Toronto Showing of The International Fly Fishing Film Festival

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is excited to be screening in Toronto on March 7th at the Fox Theatre. From enormous trout in New Zealand to giant Sheefish in Alaska, the variety of films at this event are sure to peak the interest of all.

Fly Fishing The Bow River 2010

A friend, Aaron Caldwell, put this fun video together - thought it might lift some of the winter blues. Some fun catch and release fly fishing on the Bow River

IF4 Announces 3 Toronto Screenings in February 2011

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4 for short) is excited to announce a new partnership with the 2011 Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat show. The collaborative efforts of the Spring Fishing & Boat Show and IF4 will see the festival come to Toronto, as one of the many angler-oriented attractions at the 2011 Spring Fishing and Boat show! The best part for viewers – admission to IF4 will be INCLUDED within the admission to the Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat Show!

Crowsnest River, Alberta

Throughout the summer period the Crowsnest River, in Southern Alberta, finds itself host to a multitude of anglers trying their luck at catching some of the resident rainbows. The sustained pressure results in a very technical fishery which is evidenced by the presence of many highly-spookable Rainbow Trout.
Crowsnest River, Alberta fly fishing
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Fly fishing the Canadian Rockies & Bow River, Alberta

Well, its been almost 2 weeks since my WestJet flight back to Toronto touched down. Calgary was a cool 11C when I left, Toronto delivered its 32C, 100% humidity promise. Its hard enough to leave Calgary because of the fishing....the weather here had me wondering why I didn't misplace my boarding pass.
Fly Fishing The Bow River In Alberta

Alberta Chinooks

The Eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies host one of the more favourable winter weather patterns I've experienced - Chinooks. The short explanation of a Chinook is that it's a warm air mass that can raise winter temps in southern Alberta for a few hours or up to a few days.
Alberta Chinooks
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Spey Casting on the Bow River

Lift, sweep, cast… My line pops out just downstream of my position splashing my fly along the edge of a nice seam. It’s September and there is a small caddis hatch on but I don’t have a caddis pattern on my line...
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Alpine Lake

Jackson, You don't understand - this is dry fly fishing that will haunt you!!
The above quotation is from my friend Sam (whom we'll be camping with) while he tries to explain how salvageable this weekend will really be. We've already had some great fishing this season so I'm somewhat skeptical about this being that much better.....
Casting to cutthroat trout on Alpine Lake
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Gar Pike Fishing & Fly Pattern

This year I hung up my trout fishing gear even earlier than normal to focus my attention on these amazing gar pike. My goal was to get a better perspective on where these fish can be found, and how to consistently connect with them.
Fly Fishing For Gar Pike In Ontario

Alberta – BC Fly Fishing Canada

Alberta - BC Fly Fishing During the countless conversations DanJ and I had leading up to my recent BC fly fishing & Alberta fly fishing trip west, I made it abundantly clear that I was keen on having a "western fishing experience." Browns and rainbows are nice, but I can catch those things at home. Cutthroat trout, bull trout, Cutt-bows....GRAYLING~that's what I'm after!

Kootenay Adventures Alberta

Did my annual trip to BC/Alberta early last August and it was nothing short of fantastic. Sorry for the late posting but better late than never. Our aim was to fish the Lower Bow for a few days and then head south and west from Calgary and fish the Kootenay region for […]

Prince Rupert/Coastal B.C. Fly Fishing

I’m beginning to appreciate that fly fishing trips rarely turn out quite as expected. So I’m learning to keep an open mind, and just go ahead and enjoy what the fishing Gods and Mother Nature serve up. After all, if a trip were to be entirely predictable, what would be the point of going?
So […]

The Hallowed Headwaters of the Humber River

The Humber River is one of four rivers beginning in the Headwaters country north-west of the city of Toronto. Along with the Credit, the Grand, and the Nottawasaga, the Humber River begins in Mono Township east of Orangeville; it then winds its way through the hills of Caledon, eventually flowing into Lake Ontario in […]