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    So with the long weekend I am taking a couple buddies out on some local waters, small creek sort of stuff. I am no expert, I still spend a good 30 min of my fishing untying knots, from a imperfect cast, but I can get into fish when things go right.

    Any suggestions for how best to teach? ie: should I not bother fishing myself and focus on teaching? Dry-fly vs nymphing? I will tie lots of flies, that much I know! Should I go to a larger river for more space? Jsut hoping to get them interested and see where it goes from there.

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    Wear wide brim hat, good eye protection and pinch barbs.
    Go somewhere where you have enough space around and behind you are not climbing trees after flies.

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    Go to somewhere with lots of space. Have them casting yarn for at least an hour or two until they have the basic motion down. Teach them to mend and the purpose behind such a think and then tie on a fly and see what happens.

    If you want to get them hooked then you need to take them somewhere that they may actually catch a few fish…..even if they are small

    Just my 2 cents

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    Do yourself and your buddies a favor and show them this video. Start at the 4.07 minute mark.
    Then take them out and give it a whirl.

    When they understand the basics it will be alot easier.:)

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    I would say start them on something that does not require the greatest of presentations. ie bass, panfish, pike.

    Or head to a nice brookie stream where they are able to put a cast out and tie on a wet fly, the brookies love it. Had 50 plus fish days just let it hit the water and swing it through and wham.

    With these aggressive fish you should catch a few and keep the interest up, however bass is closed at the moment.

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    not sure where you’re planning to go fishing but I’d find a small farm pond, gravel pit, etc and go for sunfish, blue gills and crappie….biting hot right now and easy and steady action on a fly

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    Take them somewhere to catch chub and other minnow species on dry flies. If you are in oakville, maybe bronte is a good bet.

    If you take them out for trout, it will only frustrate both you and them if they’ve never cast before.

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    Unless they are pumped to learn, you’ll likely have a tough time. Keep it simple, I like the chub and panfish idea, try that the first day, or morning and then move on to something else. If you have the will power, don’t carry a rod and concentrate on them.

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    thanks for the advice! Certainly helpful and I will make the changes you guys recommended! Bass would have been nice, just a month to go!

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    Look up Mel Kreiger on the internet and watch his casting video’s, look up Joan Wulff as well. Start your friends on dry land, work on making a good solid casting stroke, it all starts there and without it nothing else can really happen. Don’t get caught up in catching fish, they will catch fish if they can cast.

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    I just spent $100 on tippet material showing someone to fly fish lol…

    Like our friends… lots of room!

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    Well back from the weekend, and I took your advice, went to a wide open spot on the river, lots of chubs to be had.
    Only one buddy came so I fished. Started him out on the dry fly, no action. I nymphed had a fish on the 2nd cast, let him bring it in. Switched him over to bnymph rig. Got the hang of it pretty quickly, I only had to untangle him a couple times. Got a few chub.
    We ended the day on his first trout caught, and he said as the fish was fighting, “this is what it is all about!!!” Think he has the itch . . . uh oh!

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