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    Hey fellas,

    Long time guest, infrequent poster! Sitting here dreaming about open steelhead water, and cleaning gear so figured I would get some opinions.

    What is your preferred weight/rod for steelhead?

    I currently have a 9 weight, which I believe may be overkill, and I also have a 6 weight but am concerned the 6 would be a little light? All rods are 9 feet. Been holding off on 7 or 8 weight but if they really are the ideal set up, may bite the bullet. Mostly fishing Georgion/Huron Tribs.


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    Try the search method, there should be about 15-20 posts on this discussion.

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    SMR from this forum has a nice combo for sale, check this out; Most people I’ve see are using 7 or 8 wts., at least 9′-10′ long. Nothing too fast action-wise other, you need the rod to help you protect lighter leaders and tippets.

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    Thanks Rob! 😀

    A 10′ #7Wt is the de-riguer of Steelhead set-ups here in Ont., with an 11′ #7Wt Switch being a close second. An #8Wt 10″ is another viable option if your looking at the Chinook runs also. However I don’t feel under-gunned with my #6Wt 12’6″ Switch for Steelhead.

    Really personal preference, not discounting the whole Spey aspect, whereby i just use a 13′-13’6″ #7WT Spey rod.. Did I mention the #7Wt really covers it all here in Ont or NY/Erie? 😆 Ya thought I did 😉

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