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    Great story, the best part about it is the mud, as I have done the exact same thing. My friends standing a few feet away, no issues. I take a couple of steps, start sinking and can’t move, then I fall on my side. The worst of it was there were about 8 other people around to watch me go. That happened in the fall and I still hear about it every time I go out. Then, when I get home, the wife really wasn’t impressed that I had my gear in the bathtube with mud all over it and me cleaning it. Those are the stories that last though, not how many fish you catch, and that is always the best part when you are with your friends, laughing at each other.

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    It was a fun day. I love to catch fish but I enjoy the adventure so much more. I will go with Tina anytime.

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    I highly recommend fishing, or what you want to call it (grin) with Mike!
    He is very dependable and I felt safe with him, after putting him in a situation where he had to assist me so much!!!! His prior experiance in outdoorsy stuff like rock-climbing and safety was what got me through to the end of that day intact – mentally….grin, and physically!

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    Sounds like a fun trip – minus the tackle issues, oh, and the mud 😉

    I’m going steelheading next week, all this talk of chrome makes me anxious!

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    😀 I bet that you will never forget that trip:D I loved your story. I will never ammit it but I had some experance with the mud too And reading the article just wanted me to go fishing!!!!


    Btw, it’s nice that you got your reel back! would of hated to read about some one loseing a reel.

    @danj wrote:

    I’m going steelheading next week, all this talk of chrome makes me anxious!

    I want to go!!!! bah!!!!! -_-;;

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    I had a similar experience one. I was casting on top of a slippery rock off a small bass pond thinking i was stable. As i prepared to cast once again i slipped. I fell flat on my back just like in the movies. it knocked the wind out of me. No fish and stiff for almost a day. still a laughable experience that I enjoyed.

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