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    Just looking for some input,

    I purchased a toon last year, managed to get out once with my Dad for a great day, despite not catching any fish. The problem is my Dad is up North so I only get the chance to see him on the occasional weekend to get out on the boats. I am bringing my boat back with me to the Burlington, ON area so I can use it more regularly.

    My question is what do those who have a pontoon do if they go out by themselves on a river? How do you get back to your put in? Or does it pretty much need to be a two person operation? Should I just stick to lakes and ponds if I am by myself? Taxi’s?

    Or, are there others out there with the same dilemna looking to get out, PM me. I am able to get out on Sundays and Mondays mostly.

    Any info or opinions would be great.


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    When I pontoon alone, I leave my truck at my get out point. I have a taxi meet me there and take me to my get in point. It’s only $20 or $25 with tip as it’s usually not that far away. As I have a North Forks Renegade (frameless), everything is in two large bags. I also have a battery operated air pump, so I don’t need a car battery to fill.

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    Bike it- there are a few who drive as far as they can and then park- take out the mountain bike, and stash it in the woods- Oh, and its really funny to see one of “those guys” stash their bike…then go hide it somewhere else…you stinkn’ bast ages’ 😉

    so drive to your take out point- stash the bike drive to your put in point…put it in (thats what she…oh never mind…) fish…take out…stash toon…drive bike back to car… etc a used bike at 100 pays for itself pretty quickly vs taxi

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    2-man operation for rivers. However, I almost prefer to drop mine at the edge of a lake (in an interesting spot) and explore.

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