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    To stop all the annoying popups install Adblock Plus. I’ve been using it with Chrome and have not had any popups on this site or any other.

    If you have lost access to Photobucket pictures, yours or anyone else’s, on forums or elsewhere try the following if you use Chrome.
    “If you’re using Google Chrome, go to the three dots on the right side of the screen and click them. A drop down should appear. Hover your mouse over “More Tools,” and when the next drop down appears, click on extensions. Go to the link towards the bottom that says “Get more extensions.” In the search box, type “Photobucket Fix,” and hit enter. Click the install button and once it’s done, you should be able to see photobucket pictures again.”
    Got this from Classic Rod Forum and it works very well.

    Not sure if this will help anyone as don’t know if anyone will see it.

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    Have not been here in ages…..too much dust.
    I see it Baldy….this is just so you can view them, as I understand to place them on other websites you have to cough up so dough….correct?


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    Hey Duff,
    Yes, this is just to view pictures that disappeared after PB got greedy.
    Funny thing, when I first noticed tons of pictures gone and after receiving an email from PB I decided not to log into PB and any pictures I posted stayed in view. Not going to pay $400/year when their are other options.
    Quite the echo in here.

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