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Polar Fiber Streamer

I love fishing streamers, especially when conditions are right for them. A good streamer pattern, used properly, will tempt the biggest fish in the water you're fishing. The short list of patterns I use has recently be bumped for a new star~the Polar Fiber Streamer!

Fly Tying The Polar Fiber Streamer With Rob O'Reilly

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Algonquin Brook Trout

For years I’ve been wanting to fly fish for brook trout in some of Algonquin Park’s (Canada) beautiful lakes. This past weekend, I got a taste of both the effort AND reward of just such an adventure……My geometry might best be described as being not too “canoe-friendly.” In other words, there would be little sense […]

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Trout in Western North Carolina

Ahhhhh! Cool mountain nights, warm sunny days. Beautiful scenery. Hundreds of miles of cool mountain streams and small rivers full of brook, brown and rainbow trout, both wild and regularly stocked. Few crowds, if not few people in general. Some days you might never see another fly fisherman. Not too good to be true, that’s […]

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Brook Trout & Lake Trout~Water Strider Inflatable

Fishing for brook trout in lakes, in the spring, is pretty new territory for me. Having the right equipment can be the difference between getting fish, and getting skunked! Finding, and getting to brook trout lakes in Ontario can be a challenge in itself. Having a light, stable, compact boat with […]

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Fish Still Bite When The Weather Is Not So Grand

I made it out to the Grand River for my second time this season. Today I met up with Coldreive and Comparadun for some Brown action…We started out on the water close to noon since it was quite cold earlier in the morning. Upon arriving riverside we saw a multitude of sparrows hunting the midges […]

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