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Evil Weevil Nymph

Since 1998, this nymph pattern has been growing in popularity. The creation of Calgary tier Jeremy Davies, and it's variations have proven their worth on dozens of trout in my own home water, I urge you to give them a try!

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Adams Dry Fly

Adams Dry Fly
If ever there was a dry fly that needed no introduction, it is the Adams fly. This American fly pattern (designed by Len Halladay of Michigan in 1922 at the request of his close friend Charles Adams) was believed to have originally been a down wing pattern that more closely imitated a caddis.

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Night Snookin’ in Sarasota!

Night Fly Fishing For Snook With Siestafred
So last night all the pieces came together and I got my first taste of night fly fishing for Snook in the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) that runs from Bradenton south past Sarasota down to Venice. I have of course fished the ICW during the days many times, but going for Snook at night is a different beast altogether.

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Western Stonefly Nymph

Tying The Stonefly Nymph~Western Pattern - Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly
When a new fly yields a beautiful fish, it tends to earn a special place in the hearts of fly least it does with me. With the real estate in my fly boxes being what it is though, it would need to earn its keep.

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The Brown Trout

These trout adapt well to new surroundings and can tolerate less ideal conditions than the brook trout. Like other trout, they require well-oxygenated water and are most active in water temperatures ranging between 54F (12.22C) and 64F (17.78C).

Brown Trout – Salmo Trutta
Native fish:Europe/W,Asia
Spawns:late fall/early winter
Special Traits:transplanted to north America in 1883

Successful hatchery programs have seen […]

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