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Evil Weevil Nymph

Since 1998, this nymph pattern has been growing in popularity. The creation of Calgary tier Jeremy Davies, and it's variations have proven their worth on dozens of trout in my own home water, I urge you to give them a try!
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Adams Dry Fly

Adams Dry Fly
If ever there was a dry fly that needed no introduction, it is the Adams fly. This American fly pattern (designed by Len Halladay of Michigan in 1922 at the request of his close friend Charles Adams) was believed to have originally been a down wing pattern that more closely imitated a caddis.

Night Snookin’ in Sarasota!

Night Fly Fishing For Snook With Siestafred
So last night all the pieces came together and I got my first taste of night fly fishing for Snook in the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) that runs from Bradenton south past Sarasota down to Venice. I have of course fished the ICW during the days many times, but going for Snook at night is a different beast altogether.

Western Stonefly Nymph

Tying The Stonefly Nymph~Western Pattern - Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly
When a new fly yields a beautiful fish, it tends to earn a special place in the hearts of fly least it does with me. With the real estate in my fly boxes being what it is though, it would need to earn its keep.

The Brown Trout

These trout adapt well to new surroundings and can tolerate less ideal conditions than the brook trout. Like other trout, they require well-oxygenated water and are most active in water temperatures ranging between 54F (12.22C) and 64F (17.78C).

Brown Trout – Salmo Trutta
Native fish:Europe/W,Asia
Spawns:late fall/early winter
Special Traits:transplanted to north America in 1883

Successful hatchery programs have […]

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The Brook Trout Or Brookie

The brook trout, or speckled trout is actually a member of the char family and can only exist in habitat that meets it’s strict requirements for water quality and temperature. Brook trout must have well-oxygenated water and prefer temperatures between 52F (11C) and 61F (16C). Brook trout can be found in both streams/rivers and […]

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The Rainbow Trout & Steelhead

The rainbow trout are a favorite wherever they are found and are able to adapt to the widest variety of water temperatrures and quality. As a result, rainbows have been successfully stocked in countless cold water fisheries around the world. Like other trout, the rainbow trout feeds on a wide variety of aquatic organisms, […]

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Catch And Release Angling

With the popularity of sport fishing so high in North America the demand on many of our river and lake systems can not be matched by the waters’ ability to reproduce fish. Many popular rivers today have been protected with Catch and Release (C&R) regulations as a means to maintain the quality of fishery; […]

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Fernie BC Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing BC Canada
Sam and I, along with our wives, snuck away for a long weekend in Fernie BC. This was the first Thanksgiving we’ve all spent away from our families and we wanted to do something special.

Chuck & Duck…Montana Style Fly Fishing!

Montana Fly Fishing
In June I did a wonderful trip to Alaska for salmon, and last week I headed out to Ennis, Montana for 4 days of drift fishing on the Madison River....
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Alberta – BC Fly Fishing Canada

Alberta - BC Fly Fishing During the countless conversations DanJ and I had leading up to my recent BC fly fishing & Alberta fly fishing trip west, I made it abundantly clear that I was keen on having a "western fishing experience." Browns and rainbows are nice, but I can catch those things at home. Cutthroat trout, bull trout, Cutt-bows....GRAYLING~that's what I'm after!

Crane Fly Pattern

This is one tricky bug to imitate! One look at the naturals leaves most tiers wondering how to achieve the appearance with an artificial. At least DanJ and I wondered! Earlier this season I gave him one of my extended-body cranes to try out. Until this year, most of the cranes I experimented with were dubbed-bodied parachutes with over-sized hackle.
Fly Tying The Crane Fly Pattern - Step by step fly tying patterns with Rob O'Reilly

Parasol Emerger

For those who have been following O’Reilly’s Tying Bench for some time, you may remember a fly I posted called “The Dandelion Fly/Drymerger.” Essentially, its a small pupa pattern suspended below a “hookless” parachute. This pattern allows the fly to float just below the surface doing an excellent job of imitating an emerging insect. […]

Megoff 23VR Fly Reel Review

also it should be said that good tackle of any sort is not only its own reward but is absolutely essential if you would have the best of the sport. from:The Fine Art of Fishing by Samuel G.Camp

While Samuel G.Camp wasnt referring to fly reels, that statement holds true today.
With the selection of […]

Bow River Alberta

After yesterday’s Bow river fly fishing (Canada) outing I was eager to head out to fly fish the Bow river again. I was somewhat shocked by the amount the water level had lowered and the clarity. Water was over two feet in visibility today and had dropped by about a foot. That was […]

Kootenay Adventures Alberta

Did my annual trip to BC/Alberta early last August and it was nothing short of fantastic. Sorry for the late posting but better late than never. Our aim was to fish the Lower Bow for a few days and then head south and west from Calgary and fish the Kootenay region for […]

Dirty Water, Hungry Fish

With no fishing plans for the day I decided to go out and scout locations to fish along the Bow. That way once the water improved enough I wouldn’t waste any time touring. On the off-chance I brought my gear; wouldn’t want to see fish rising and not have a rod nearby.It was a […]

Alberta – Crowsnest Fly Fishing

After fly fishing lakes for a while now I finally got the itch to do some river fly fishing. The Crowsnest area has improved faster than the Bow here in Calgary so I decided to make the trip down and fish there.My first stop in the area was at the Crowsnest Angler - the local fly fishing shop to pick up appropriate patterns and get some suggestions on areas to try.

Alberta Canada – Peppers Lake

With the rivers in central and northern Alberta still reeling from our wet June I packed my floating easy chair and made the trek to Peppers Lake on the Forestry Trunk Road.Peppers is located about 1hour west of Rocky Mountain House. The lake is managed as a put and take fishery and is stocked […]

Alaska Fly Fishing, North….to Alaska !

I hardly know where to begin. I just spent a week fly fishing at Austin’s Alaska Adventure Lodge near Nome in northwestern Alaska. Unless you’ve looked at a map of the area, you would be surprised, as I was, at how far that is from here….

This pic says it all, a sign post in […]

Muir Lake- Alberta

During a weekend of intermitent showers and thunder strorms I managed to sample a developing rainbow trout fishery.

Located about 15 minutes from Edmonton this small, weedy pothole lake was subject to frequent winter kills wiping out any stockings. Over the last couple of years aerators have been placed in several of these winter kill […]

K-Country Alberta Rocks

With the flooding in the Calgary area I decided to stay away from the Bow on my first Alberta fishing adventure. Not about to let that get in the way I headed out a few hours from Calgary in hunt for some rainbows. I had heard of some stocked lakes – figured it should […]

Ontario Gar Pike

Wading the flats…sight casting to aggressive gar pike with bad attitudes…sound like Ontario fly fishing? It is! I was finally able to connect with Nick for a day of Gar Pike fly fishing in eastern Ontario that won’t soon be forgotten!…..With conditions that Nick thought might be ideal, we set out to […]

Polar Fiber Streamer

I love fishing streamers, especially when conditions are right for them. A good streamer pattern, used properly, will tempt the biggest fish in the water you're fishing. The short list of patterns I use has recently be bumped for a new star~the Polar Fiber Streamer!
Fly Tying The Polar Fiber Streamer With Rob O'Reilly

Algonquin Brook Trout

For years I’ve been wanting to fly fish for brook trout in some of Algonquin Park’s (Canada) beautiful lakes. This past weekend, I got a taste of both the effort AND reward of just such an adventure……My geometry might best be described as being not too “canoe-friendly.” In other words, there would be little […]

Trout in Western North Carolina

Ahhhhh! Cool mountain nights, warm sunny days. Beautiful scenery. Hundreds of miles of cool mountain streams and small rivers full of brook, brown and rainbow trout, both wild and regularly stocked. Few crowds, if not few people in general. Some days you might never see another fly fisherman. Not too good to be true, […]

Brook Trout & Lake Trout~Water Strider Inflatable

Fishing for brook trout in lakes, in the spring, is pretty new territory for me. Having the right equipment can be the difference between getting fish, and getting skunked! Finding, and getting to brook trout lakes in Ontario can be a challenge in itself. Having a light, stable, compact boat […]

Fish Still Bite When The Weather Is Not So Grand

I made it out to the Grand River for my second time this season. Today I met up with Coldreive and Comparadun for some Brown action…We started out on the water close to noon since it was quite cold earlier in the morning. Upon arriving riverside we saw a multitude of sparrows hunting the […]

Sarasota Seatrout

The wind stopped howling last Saturday long enough for my friend Ray and I to get out and do some flats fishing. Man, between the wind almost every day, cool temps, and a lot of ‘red tide’ this year, the fishing has been less than stellar here. Oh sure, there have been some great […]

OnLine Fly Tying Course Part #5

On Line Fly Tying Course Part #5 Tying In A “Wispy” Trailing Shuck Of Antron Yarn
For many, catching a trout on a dry fly represents the ultimate fly fishing experience. In fact, there are scores of fly fishers who will use nothing else believing that it is the only "pure" way to […]

Loop Green Line Fly Rod & Evotec Review

Loop continues to make their CLW fly reel and is rumored to have their own line of fly reels in development.

I find it interesting to read rod reviews that claim that a rod “speaks” to the angler. I’d say that’s true sometimes. After stringing up the Loop Green line rod and fishing with it, […]

OnLine Fly Tying Course Part #4

On Line Fly Tying Course Part #4 Wing Case Slip, Using A Bubbing Brush
In this installment, I’ll be showing you how to cut, prepare and tie in a wing case for one of the world’s best-known trout nymphs, the Gold-ribbed hare’s ear. There are anglers who believe that this pattern, in the right […]

H30 Tsunami Sport Glasses Review

As a youth I spent most of my summers fishing for smallmouth bass in rock-strewn shallow water flats. Some of my favourite moments were from those times when there wasn’t a breeze in the air and the sun was high allowing an angler such as me the chance to get a look at what […]

Online Fly Tying Course Part #3

Online Fly Tying Course Part #3 Using Beads, Tying In A Tail & Dubbing Using Natural Fur
When fishing nymphs, there are times when having even more weight can mean the difference between catching, and not catching. In my experience i’ve found that if the nymph is not touching the bottom from time to […]

CDC Parachute Midge Larva

Whenever I find myself in a discussion about “fancy-dress” salmon flies, super-realistic show piece flies and the like, I can’t help but think about tiers like Shane Stalcup. In case you’ve not heard of him, he is a commercial tier/material supplier who has expanded his business to include a number of books and videos. […]

Florida: Dolphins & Seatrout

As I said in my last post, I went out today with friend Ray on another Chamber of Commerce day here in sunny/warm Florida. Ray had not been out for a month or so due to going back to Buffalo for the holiday and to a recent death in the family, so he was […]

OnLine Fly Tying Course Part #2

On Line Fly Tying Course Part #2 Weight & Ribbing
In this article, I’ll be expanding on the techniques and materials used in the first caddis nymph and showing you some new stuff in this one I’ll call Caddis Nymph #2. While the dubbing techniques are the same, I’ll be covering the easiest way […]

Damon Pro-Staff Fly Rod Review

After trying, without success, to pry O’Reilly’s test Damon Raquette from his hand, I am sure I hear Mr. O mutter "from my cold dead hands!" As I stood in the background jumping up and down screaming "my turn my turn!!"

It was my turn to check out a Damon fly rod. Not only […]

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