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Northern Alberta Rivers Daytrip

The wife and myself took advantage of a beautiful fore cast and ventured west for a little river adventure.(warning- large pics.)From Edmonton we headed west to Edson and then south west to the Embarras river. The water here was high and dirty from the spring runoff. It may be a couple of weeks before she’s […]

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Wind River Stillwater Vest Review

Wind River Stillwater Vest Review
Unlike many fly fishing enthusiasts I see on the water these days I’ve never felt the need to bring my entire closet along with me. So when I look for systems to carry my gear I look for products that seem to carry what I need (i.e. not want) and look […]

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Fly Fishing Nymphs – Deep Nymph

Getting into medium to large water nymph fly fishing might call for different tactics. Here are few ideas on how to get the nymph fly down fast using split shot….Rod, in my opinion, should be a 9′ 5 or 6 wt outfit.

Image shows a simple split shot setup. It works, but when your split […]

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Grand River Fly Fishing Ontario

Today was a great day to be out on the Grand river – everything was provided: sun, bugs, big fish!,I’m completely exhausted after today. I made it out to the river at an upper section by just after 6. My plan was simple – start out fly fishing streamers, then as soon as there was […]

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Friday Night Upper Credit River

Mosquitos and Coffin Flies everwhere!!! Those are the highlights for me on the credit river tonight. Fridays always take a long time to pass by – sitting at work its hard to concentrate on much else except the time when I can get up and take off to the river. Tonight saw beautiful clear skies […]

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