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Evening On The Upper Credit River Canada

I was out to the UC again last night (Sat) with Rob O’Reilly. The action played out pretty much the same as last night with the sulphurs coming off in good numbers and the browns coming up for them in turn.
The stretch we fished had very complicated currents so getting a drag free drift was […]

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Vermont Fly Box Review

The Vermont Fly Box Company Review
If I were to say that the appeal of fly fishing had nothing to do with it’s aesthetics, I’d be stretching the truth quite a bit. Watching the sun rise, the thrill of seeing trout sipping mayflies, laying out a nice soft cast on a small stream, the splash […]

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Okuma Integrity LA 8/9 Reel Review

Okuma Integrity LA 8/9 Fly Reel
Ok I admit it… I’m a Tech Head. usually I gotta have the latest gear, whether it’s rods, reel, or add ons, and usually it’s the more expensive stuff

Dun Rates it : 4-1/2 out of 5

Description: Model Integrity LA 8/9
Colour: Black
Line Weight: WF8F 130 yrds #20
On the Eyes: Easy
Bang […]

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Big Credit River Brown Trout

Hit the Credit river this afternoon for a little fishing. While I was trying to feed the fish something that looked real, I was having more luck feeding the mosquitoes a nice, rich meal of O’Reilly. That was until….. This guy showed up!

Truth is, the fishing was pretty good in […]

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Blue Winged Olive

In the darkest corner of one of my dry fly boxes lies a blue winged olive pattern that catches lots of fish, and is pretty darn ugly. Well, ugly might be a bit harsh but it certainly lacks some of the pretty characteristics of say…Catskill patterns. A quill-bodied, beautifully hackled, split-winged pattern…..nope. […]

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