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Red Brassie Midge Pattern

Festive colors aside, i’ve seen this little beauty work wonders in places that surprised me….One late summer night on the Grand this past summer, I spoke with a chap who was working his way up stream behind me. I could hear what sounded like an American accent and asked him where he was from. […]

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Fly Fishing Trips & Destinations

Fly fishing trips articles & reports information from Canada & the USA.
Articles from US & Canada with amazing photos take you where the fish are and help you plan your next fly fishing trip!

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Fly Patterns Instructions Recipes

Step by step tying fly patterns and instructions on how to tie flies.

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Fishing Reports

Short fly fishing reports and adventures from Canada & the US from rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes.

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Fly Fishing Techniques Information

Fly Fishing Information, Tips & Tricks. Our Techniques Information Section Will Look At Fish Identification, Knot Tying And Much More

Information about,

Fish & Bugs – mayflies, caddis flies, stoneflies, brook, brown & rainbow trout
Fly Fishing Applied – skills, tips, tricks & fly fishing techniques to help you catch fish
Terminal Tackle – end of the […]

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