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Red Brassie Midge Pattern

Festive colors aside, i’ve seen this little beauty work wonders in places that surprised me….One late summer night on the Grand this past summer, I spoke with a chap who was working his way up stream behind me. I could hear what sounded like an American accent and asked him where he was […]

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Fly Fishing Information, Tips & Tricks. Our Techniques Information Section Will Look At Fish Identification, Knot Tying And Much More…

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Dedicated to the art of flyfishing has evolved into the “go to” site for anglers world wide. A vast database of fishing & tying related information for novice & professional fly fishers alike. Our destination articles and river reports are perfect to help you plan your next trip. Add in […]

Hendrickson Dry Fly Pattern

O.K., its December…..I can reveal this fly and hopefully forget that I did by the time spring rolls along….What, a standard dry fly? Yep. I’ve tried for years to prove this fly wrong. Yes, I know males are different in color than the females. I don’t like this fly for […]